Tea Bag Packing Machine Expert From China
Pyramid(triangle) tea bags packing machine(Electronic scale)
    Pyramid(triangle) tea bags packing machine(Electronic scale)
Product Description:

1) Through use the method of Seal & cut the bag by ultrasound, make it possible to production TEABAG which is ease to take out and has pretty shape;
2) Manual metering of materials is suitable for filling irregular materials;
Siemens PLC and dual touch screen operation clearly show the working state,handle direction and so on;
SMC pneumatic component/Schneider electrical parts provide a stable work procedures;
It can adjust the sealing position and deviation on the touch screen without stopping;
Weighing measurement: spiral linear electronic scale
The Packaging capacity is 2400-3000 bags / hour
With the labels used in packaging materials can be simply produced TEABAG with the label;
9) The machine can switch the bag shape between pyramid(triangle) sides sealing bag and flat(rectangle) back sealing bag.

Technical Data:

1) Machine Model: XY-100SJ
2) Filling range: 1-10g/bag
3) Accuracy: ±0.2g/bag (Determined by packing material)
4) Packing speed: 40~80 bags/min
5) Packing material: Nylon material imported from Japan, non-woven fabric, 100% biodegradable transparent materials, PET, PLA, etc
6) Measuring method: electronic scale metering way
7) Packing roll width: 120.140.160(mm)
8) Roll outer diameter: ≤Φ 320mm
9) Roll inner diameter: Φ 76mm
11) Bag Size: Triangle bag: 50-70mm (one side)
12) Air pressure: ≥ 0.6Mpa(the gas will be supplied by the buyer)
13) Operate person: 1
14) Motor power: Approximately 2.2kw(220v)
15) Dimension: Approximately L 1250×W 800×H 1800(mm)
16) Machine weight: Approximately 500kg

Brief Introduction:
1) Automatic multi-function packaging forming machine;
2) Suitable for all kinds of drinking tea leaves, herbs and flowers;
3) Ultrasonic sealing method, Convertible pyramid and flat bag type;
4) Nylon(PLA/non-woven/PET) bag materials; with thread and tag;
5) High quality with international brand-name parts;
6) More adjustment for better operation;
7) This machine can achieve automatic blending of up to 6 materials;
8) Fast dividing and weighing;
9) Quality Approval: CE, ISO9001:2008